Making screening easier!

"One of our customers used a screening machine, in which our tensioned wire screens had been installed. Several workers were needed to exchange the heavy parts during each changeover. One of our sales representatives thought this could be accomplished more easily."

Claudio Lobina, sales director for raw-material screens at HEIN, LEHMANN, reports on a customer project at a gravel plant. The HEIN, LEHMANN wire screens performed very well there. The only problem was the work involved whenever it came to changing the heavy raw-material screens.

"During one of our sales representative's frequent visits to the customer's site, he was witnessed the whole exchange process with his own eyes. He had the idea that our exchange system WS85® would be just as suitable as the previously used wire screens."

Consultation and measuring on site followed. The special challenge with this project was to make it easier to exchange the screens. But because this was associated with an investment, it was hoped the new exchange system would also extend the service life.

"Of course, new components like that were a big investment. The advantage of WS85® was definitely the faster and easier changing process. If the customer wanted a different screening result, they were now much more flexible in being able to swap the screens."

The desired service life extension was not long in coming and was achieved by a material mix of plastic and wire.

"Once the project was complete, there plant downtime dropped simply because of the faster screen change. Only one employee can do an exchange that three were needed before, as the segments have become smaller and lighter."

The customer was happy – that is our goal.

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