Modern day gold prospectors

"In the HEIN, LEHMANN product range, the screening machines are special. After all, we not only sell components in our department, but also complete systems – that is, screening machines in various designs – and that also includes assembly and services."

Sales director Andree Stockhowe and his colleague Klaus Behrmann know the HEIN, LEHMANN screening machines like the back of their hands. This is not surprising, because for years they have been responsible at HEIN, LEHMANN for the distribution of LIWELL®, circular vibratory and linear vibratory screening machines.

Screening machines are major capital goods.
Stockhowe: "In our department, we have a mobile test facility that can be deployed for customer service within two to three days, virtually anywhere in Europe. With the aid of the test facility, we can test material behavior at our customers' sites – simulating, investigating and assessing screening processes."

Such a service can very accurately predict to our customers how and with what technical feasibility HEIN, LEHMANN screening machines can be used by them. Our convincing technology is demonstrated by a special field of application for our SPANNWELL® LIWELL®-type screening machines.

Behrmann: "The treatment of waste incineration slag is a major field of application. This is the end product of the waste incineration process. There are still many valuable metals in the slag – and we're not just talking about iron here, but above all about precious metals or non-ferrous metals, such as copper or brass. There's really everything from the car rim to Grandma's silverware in there."

You can earn a lot of money with the valuable materials that are still in the slag after incineration. That is why operators of plants for the treatment of waste incineration slag are interested in removing the recyclables as completely as possible from the slag. This requires screening machines that – like the gold prospectors of the Wild West – sift out what can be extracted from the slag in terms of valuable materials.

Stockhowe: "Of course this is relatively simple for iron. You use a huge magnet, and it's out. Our screening machines are then used for other valuable materials such as copper, lead, or aluminum. The problem here is that the metals come in different shapes and sizes – from the Euro coin to the frying pan."

That means, first of all, that the entire slag has to be screened. Because waste incineration slag is wet, sticky and generally a difficult material, screening works best with a flip-flow screen. And such a screen must perform really well, because the market for waste incineration slag has been expanding for years.

Stockhowe: "Manufacturers of eddy flow separators have taken a big step forward in terms of technology and are able to separate recyclables in ever finer ways. Accordingly, the demands on our machines have increased. Where in the past the finest separation cut was 8 mm, it is possible to cut to 1 mm today. Of course, this means that many systems are now being retrofitted or completely rebuilt."

This is also true for one of the largest waste incineration slag treatment plants in Northern Europe, which is located in Denmark. HEIN, LEHMANN was awarded the contract.

Behrmann: "With this project, the customer is actually reducing their separation cut down to 1 mm. We were able to complete this task to the fullest satisfaction in the tender with our SPANNWELL® screening machines of the LIWELL® type. Of course, we are very proud of this machine's performance."

Stockhowe: "Our screening machines incorporate 40 years of proven and mature technology, which is constantly being developed further – and sets us apart from the competition. A total of five of our screening machines of different sizes are currently in operation at the waste incineration slag treatment plant in Denmark."

And not only there: After the successful deployment in Denmark, a plant in Malmö, Sweden, has now been equipped with LIWELL® screening machines, too. And HEIN, LEHMANN technology is also being used successfully all over the world for waste incineration slag processing. But extracting recyclables from waste incineration slag is only one application for our screening machines – one of many.

Are you interested in more information about our screening machines, even though you are not prospecting for gold? Then contact us – we will gladly advise you!