Plastic versus metal – 2:0

"A request from one of our customers focused on optimizing worm segments that used to be made of Hardox. These were used in gravel washing and lasted only one and a half to two years. We went on a quest, for a more resistant material."

Our sales director for raw material screens, Claudio Lobina, further reported that the idea of using plastic had come from a sales employee. He was on-site with the customer in question and thought that a plastic lining had already produced many advantages for gravel loading chutes.

"We then went about it the same way as with chute lining: A Hardox segment was taken as a pattern and copied in plastic. In this case, a one-to-one copy was not entirely possible because the Hardox worm segment was slightly curved. This could not be achieved with plastic. In the end, however, there was no measurable disadvantage."

And the result? The plastic worm segments also functioned perfectly, reduced noise and extended the service life many times over. Where the Hardox plates weakened after only a year and a half, the plastic ones lasted five years longer.

"Actually, none of this was rocket science. We simply exchanged the material. Some ideas stand out for their simplicity, though. The whole point of this story was that our local coworker in sales had recognized the similarity of the cases and was able to help our customer a lot. That is the value of the great wealth of experience that exists at HEIN, LEHMANN."

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