Internship at HEIN, LEHMANN: give yourself a chance!

Internships that make a real difference

Get to know the practical aspects of the job, gain some first professional experience at HEIN, LEHMANN and discover the doors we can open for you. You may also combine your theoretical knowledge with the practical know-how that you gain at HEIN, LEHMANN while writing your diploma or bachelor thesis. 


Diploma/Bachelor's/Master's degree for students

Write your diploma, Bachelor's or Master's thesis at HEIN, LEHMANN, and gain practical experience for future job offers at the same time. Your application should include your field of study as well as your specialization, along with your curriculum vitae, the intermediate diploma and proof of completed certificates/credits. We will then check if we have a suitable topic for you to work on at HEIN, LEHMANN.

    Internships for school/university students

    Please contact us early before the desired start of the internship, as our internships at HEIN, LEHMANN are very popular. With an internship, school/university students gain their first practical experience with us, which will facilitate the start of their career later on and help them make sense of all the job offers out there.

    • Work placement internship (compulsory or voluntary): to help school students choose their future skilled occupation
    • Basic internship or specialist internship (after passing the intermediate diploma) – for university students of engineering or economics, industrial engineering or computer science

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