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Processing, separation, conveying: in contrast to the usual round perforation, our CONIDUR® perforated plate has a special, triangular to semi-elliptical perforation, with an inclined, conical opening in the direction of passage.

The top and bottom are distinct from each other. This reduces passage resistance, prevents blockages and increases the throughput. The special manufacturing process enables the finest perforations in initial plate thicknesses, which can be many times the hole size.

Thanks to work hardening and subsequent treatment of the surface, CONIDUR® perforated plates have very good wear resistance. The special design offers numerous process technology advantages in various applications.

It ensures a uniform distribution of air in the fluidized bed, non-clogging openings in the centrifuge and an increased crushing capacity in milling technology. This means: CONIDUR® fine hole and slotted perforated plates significantly improve the quality of your processes.

Depending on the specification, our perforated plates can be processed into molded parts and can be individually tailored to your requirements, for example in terms of material, shape, design, surface, etc.

CONIDUR® perforated plates by HEIN, LEHMANN are used successfully in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries or in processing technology in fluidized bed applications, centrifuges, mills, cheese processing plants and starch centrifuges among others.


Applications in process engineering

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