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With the world's first LIWELL® screening machines with the Spannwell® principle, we have set standards that shape the current solutions in the industry. The best screening machine in the industry loosens up the screenings efficiently, turns them over and classifies or sorts them – and the screen perforations are not clogged or blocked.

Our tailor-made LIWELL® Spannwell® type screening machines enable a higher product quality for every problem, in particular for difficult screening, separating and classifying as well as problematic applications, due to a permanently accurate classification and reduction of costs from machine downtime and cleaning.

Thus, concepts become possible that, through alternative technologies, could be implemented only at a much greater cost.

With every screening machine in our series – from circular vibrators and linear vibrators to tensioning shafts – we support large-scale projects such as new power plant construction and provide state-of-the-art separation technology for regional midsize enterprises.

From recycling applications to the screening of bulk materials such as coal, sand and hard rock, our revolutionary technology has been used worldwide for around 40 years in screening and separation of moist bulk materials. Unbeatable advantages: higher product quality plus lower energy, downtime and cleaning costs.

The LIWELL® screening machine in use

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