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Properties of the belts

  • Even speed and smaller roller diameter due to chain wheel drive
  • Large open area
  • Easy to clean
  • According to edge finish, curve going is possible



Dimension & materials

(standard values)
Ø Cross rod 5,00 mm
Pitch 19,05 mm und 27,43 mm


  • Stainless steel 1.4301
  • Further materials on request


Possible belt edges and other applications

  • S = looped edge
  • So = sprocket chain
  • La = lamella edge
  • Z = bushing chain

(Except in case of looped edge, with welded end in each case)

Bild_02 Bild_03
S = looped edge So = sprocket chain
Bild_04 Bild_05
Crossrod belt with fill-in spirals and sprocket chain Crossrod belt with sprocket chain, with drive wheel


Possible applications

  • Conveyor systems
  • Washing systems
  • Baking and roasting systems
  • Cooling and freezing systems

This presentation mentions only the most frequent applications.


Bild_06 Querstabgurt mit Füllspirale und Laschenkette
Crossrod belt with sprocket chain in coil cooler Crossrod belt with fill-in spiral and sprocket chain in a bakery



Further information can be obtained as PDF-File download. (284 KB)

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